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Create Your Own Premium Socks Brand

Full Package Design + Manufacturing
Low Minimums 50pc/style


Premium Private Label Socks Manufacturing

We specialize in helping wholesale brands launch their own Top Quality Socks line with specialty chains to brand their own premium Socks, sleeves, Braces…

Are you looking for the latest popular sock products?

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We are  open for any kind of cooperative projects and new promising business partners

What makes us different?

We use the latest product design and development tools that integrate into our manufacturing process. Our yarn selection delivers premium appearance and comfort and is optimized for manufacturing efficiency.


Submit us image, video or detailing sketch and we'll send you sample to confirm your product before your bulk order.


We carry the right inventory of premium raw materials to ensure on-time production of your orders.


Choose from a wide selection of yarns and colors with no minimum order.

Price and Value

We are connected with major raw material providers to assure availability and lowest cost

Consistent quality

We build quality into each design and assure that all products meet the design specification

The right machinery

We utilize the right variety of knitting machines to ensure that your product is fit for purpose


We offer professional customer service including CAD and virtual samples to reduce product development time. This eliminates delays and needless expenses.