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About Us

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Meet the Dream Team

Bssportssocks is a global socks and accessories supplier. We leverage the best people, processes, and technology to provide the best products designed to meet your needs. We use the right raw materials selection optimized to balance design, comfort, durability, and efficient production.

Founder’s Note

There is something about socks. There are some socks that people just love to wear. They can’t really say why, it’s just that wearing those socks makes them happy. I know why. I have listened to my customers and helped them translate vague ideas into designs that, once produced, have them saying, “Yes! That is exactly what I wanted! How did you know?” I know because I have worked in this industry since 2014 and have learned how to spot great designs, great raw materials, and how to transform them into great products. A happy and successful life is composed of many small things working together to bring satisfaction. I started my business to work together with my customers and help them to experience some of these small joys. Do you want to have a comfortable life? Start with our socks.

CEO: Shao

Office Contacts

Bssportssocks is your development and manufacturing partner helping to exceeds your customers’ expectations for great socks and accessories.

NO.2318, Yuhangtang Rd, Yuhang District
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China.