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Sports Socks

Sports half socks


Get these fantastic thick cushioned tennis socks for the ultimate in high performance sports socks! Designed with men and women who love to run tirelessly around a court in mind!

1. These thick cushioned mini crew socks use a moisture-wicking construction to keep feet feeling cooler!

2. The socks are cushioned in the heel, toe, and sole for added blister, shear, and impact protection.

3. The toe cushioning helps to protect your toes during fast stops and starts.

4. A flat-knit at the instep allows for a better fit and improved support. Whatever your sport, own the court with these superb Thorlos tennis socks!

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A good pair of compression socks keeps swelling down by preventing fluid from building up in your lower leg — this is basically how all compression clothing works. They apply pressure to your calves and ankles, which helps your blood vessels do their job. The constant pressure prevents blood vessels from expanding and blood from pooling. Acutely, fluid accumulation can cause discomfort in your legs, but over time, chronic pooling can weaken your veins and cause deformities — physical inactivity is a leading cause of varicose veins due to the increased blood pressure in your legs.





87% Polivinyl, 6,5% PES, 6,5% CO






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