Volleyball Elite Baseline Socks

Volleyball Elite Baseline Socks

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Compression zones in the ankle and/or arch of a sock provide a higher level of support, thereby reducing foot fatigue a aiding circulation; these zones also help prevent slippage inside the shoe and insure a proper fit for the life of the sock

Hot spots and blisters can be debilitating, so we offer a healthy dose of preventative maintenance in and through unique yarns that naturally reduce friction and wick away moisture, high-splice designs that provide extra shielding in problem areas, and/or dependable liners that add a base layer of protection

Carefully selected pro-grade fabrics known for their hydrophobic, wicking, and moisture management attributes; products with TCK DRY-IQ® retain their insulating qualities, even when wet, and they keep your feet dry; a dry foot retains warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, and the absence of moisture next to the skin helps to minimize hot spots and blisters

Built-in deodorant that effectively battles sock odor, even during periods of heavy perspiration; we achieve this by way of high-grade yarns with embedded antimicrobial agents that act to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, the typical culprits behind unpleasant odor; and, you can count on this protection for the life of the sock

Volleyball Elite Baseline Socks

We understand that looking great and color matching your socks with your uniform is the most important thing. How they feel on your feet during a game or practice important as well. The TCK volleyball elite baseline socks provide you the best of both worlds.  The players will feel great wearing these volleyball elite baseline socks and you will have peace of mind that their feet are well protected. These volleyball socks are made with several features that are designed to help protect the players feet.  The first feature on the list is moisture control. Special yarns are used to absorb and wick the sweat that is inevitable while playing volleyball. Doing this will keep the players feet nice and dry. Keeping their feet dry will support the next feature on the list.  The top part of the sock has breathable mesh inserts. This allows air to flow in and out of the volleyball elite baseline socks. By allowing air to flow this will help keep their feet dry.  Blister control is next feature. If you have ever had the unpleasant feeling of getting a blister on your foot then you know how important this feature is. The yarns used to keep your feet dry will also reduce friction. If friction is created between the volleyball socks and the player feet then hot spots will form. Hot spots is what turns into blisters. So reducing friction is the most important thing to keep blisters from forming.  Next on the feature list is odor control. The smell of feet when you pick up a dirty sock is the last thing you want. The volleyball elite baseline socks are treated with a deodorant that will keep them from smelling. Most importantly the deodorant treatment will not wear off after the socks have been washed.  A compression zone is added in the arch area. This will support the volleyball players arch and keep the socks secure to their feet. The foot of the socks is made with a heel/toe design. This design will also secure the volleyball elite baseline socks to the players feet.  This next feature has a fancy name called ergonomic cushion. Basically this is added cushioning to the bottom of the volleyball elite baseline socks that helps absorb impact. When a volleyball player jumps and lands this added cushioning is going to help absorb the landing. Because there is less impact felt throughout the body fatigue can be reduced.  For durability the top of the socks are sewn with a double welt. This will keep the seem at the top of the socks from splitting or frizzing.   As you can see these are more than just cool looking socks. When you buy these TCK Volleyball Elite Baseline Socks you will get comfort and support along with a great look.

Volleyball Elite Baseline Socks come in the following sizes:

  • Small (Youth: 12-5 / Womens: 4-7)
  • Medium (Mens: 6-9 / Womens: 7-10)
  • Large (Mens: 9-12 / Womens: 10-13)
  • X-Large (Mens: 12-15 / Womens: 13+)

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