TCK Knit Hockey Socks

TCK Knit Hockey Socks

We offer a wide range of well made TCK knit hockey socks. As you can see above we have hockey socks that are solid color or designed based on NHL hockey team colors.

The hockey socks are made with two yarns Nylon and Acrylic. Nylon is the main yarn used it is great for giving the socks that extra stretch that provides the durability. Nylon is also great for reducing abrasions like runs. It is also quick drying and easy to wash.

Using Acrylic yarns is important because it has soft fibers that provides extra padded comfort. It will also help the hockey socks keep their shape. Acrylic yarns are highly durable and will allow these socks to be worn for a long time.

These hockey socks are sewn with yarns that will give them a stretch fit. Having the ability to stretch a little bit allows the hockey socks to fit over padding and equipment. They are also sewn with a run guard that helps the hockey socks with their durability.

With our solid color option or professional team color options finding knit hockey socks that match your team, league or school colors won’t be a problem.

TCK Knit Hockey Socks Features

  • Stretch Fit- This helps the hockey socks fit over pads and equipment.
  • Run Guard- The socks are made with a designed foot area. This keeps the socks secure to your feet so they don’t slip inside your shoe.

These TCK hockey socks are made with the following yarn.

TCK Knit Hockey Socks come in the following sizes:

  • Children (18″-20″)
  • Youth (20″-22″)
  • Intermediate (24″-26″)
  • Adult (28″-30″)

All the feature and sizes listed above might not be available for all the TCK Knit Hockey Socks. Each product page will list and describe the features and sizes that particular sock offers.