TCK Krazisox

TCK Krazisox

We carry a wide range of TCK Krazisox. As you can see above we have animal print, neon colored, tie dyed, candy striped and many other designed crazy sports socks.

Not only do you have plenty of crazy sock options to choose from each of the socks is made with great features. The yarns and features used to make these socks are designed to comfort and support your feet. Each one of these socks will be great for any athlete to wear on the field or court during a game or practice.

Here is more information on the features used to make most of these socks. First you have moisture control that will help keep your feet dry. There is blister control that helps prevent blisters from forming on your feet. Odor control is a deodorant treatment that keeps the socks from stinking. You will so find compression zones that will help keep the socks secure to your feet. If you would like more information on each of the features used to make the TCK Krazisox you can get more information below.

TCK Krazisox Features

Moisture WickingMoisture Wicking Compression ZonesCompression Zones Blister ControlBlister Control Odor ControlOdor Control
  • Breathable Mesh- Allows air to flow through the sock which will help keep the feet comfortable and dry.
  • Cushioned Foot- There is added padding to the foot area. Giving you feet extra cushioning and protection.
  • Double Welt Top- Simply means the top of the socks are sewn in a way that will keep the seam from splitting.
  • Heel/Toe Design- It’s how the bottom of the socks are designed to provide comfort and support.

TCK Krazisox come in the following sizes:

  • Small (Youth: 12-5 / Womens: 4-7)
  • Medium (Mens: 6-9 / Womens: 7-10)
  • Large (Mens: 9-12 / Womens: 10-13)
  • X-Large (Mens: 12-15 / Womens: 13+)

All the feature and sizes listed above might not be available for all the Crazy Sports Socks. Each product page will list and describe the features and sizes that particular sock offers.